Meet Emily Plummer

Emily Plummer also known as Corporate Catwalker, trademark style is best described as corporate chic, pushing fashion boundaries and blurring lines between work and play attire. In addition to her 9 to 5 job as a Manager at a top tier Accounting firm, Emily works as a stylist, fashion writer, brand ambassador, model and fashion consultant.

How did you start your blog/get started in the industry?

People, don’t believe me when I tell them it was by accident! I had no idea what Instagram was or what fashion blogging entailed! I decided on New Year’s Eve in 2014, less than 2 years ago now; that I was going to be a “fashion blogger” for my new year’s resolution. Although, choosing to follow a career as a Chartered Accountant and working for an international accounting firm, I always enjoyed fashion and expressing my creativity through my outfit choices.

After two short days of starting Corporate Catwalker, and exposure to over 125,000 people I quickly learnt how to become a fashion blogger. This has since lead me to styling, fashion journalism, brand ambassador roles, modelling and a social media consulting.

What is your ultimate fashion must have, the piece you would save from a fire?

Capes are my ultimate fashion must have, reason being they are one of the only suitable cross-seasonal design. The structured design of a cape can turn any outfit from pedestrian to catwalk ready instantly! Whether it be a long woollen cape for Winter, or a light weight, white cape to keep you warm at an evening cocktail party during the Spring months, you will make a fashion statement!

What was your best fashion bargain?

My Rebecca Minkoff statement monochrome, cut out detailed wedged heels which I purchased on Melrose Avenue during my last trip to America! They are just as amazing as they sound! Snapped them up for a bargain price and they do the talking every time I wear them!

Your most outlandish purchase

Red carpet gowns are my most adored and outlandish purchase. The lace, silhouettes, sequins, tulle…all of it makes me so giddy that my credit card cannot refuse!

Your go to outfit
Casual weekend: Approachable fashion. Beach hair, sandals, big hat, sunglasses and a ready-to-wear light weight dress.

Night out: It’s all about the silhouette, if I am heading out to dinner or cocktails, I make sure I accentuate my curves, that means mixing pencil skirts or fitted tops into my outfit and adding metallic accessories.

Power outfit: Red lips, statement heels, monochrome and fitted designs.

Something about yourself that we might be surprised to find out?
I am considered ‘one of the lads’ and I’m very competitive. When I’m not in the fashion world I like to play sport and get outdoors, whether it be surfing, stand up paddle boarding, tennis, soccer… almost any sport actually! I am reigning office table tennis champion.

What do you love most about being a fashion blogger/journalist?
I love inspiring women to embrace their style and in particular their corporate wardrobe.
What you wear to work matters! We are a walking advertisement for our own personal brand and whether we acknowledge it or not, style and appearance plays a part in how others perceive your ability to deliver high quality outputs and meet expectations.
Providing daily inspiration to women to help them arrive at the office looking well ‘put together’ wearing classy corporate attire, hair done and wearing office appropriate makeup is the best part of being a fashion blogger.

If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be?
Steve Jobs, he was a true innovator and digital disrupter. Unsuccessful in his first attempts, but persisting until he succeeded, was impressive in itself. It would be undoubtedly inspirational to meet the man ultimately responsible for changing the way humans work and socialise.

What’s the best/worst gift you have ever received?
The best gift I’ve ever received was my nutri-bullet! Ample time for breakfast and the corporate lifestyle are not synonymous, running out the door at 7am with a green smoothie is the only way to start the day!

What should you do less of?
I should say ‘no’ more often, I over commit myself and always put my leisure time last.
That’s the hustle and grind baby!

What should you do more of?
I should sleep more and stress less! Easier said than done!

Biggest challenge you have ever faced
Deciding on my next career move!

Favourite Wintergarden retailer
Sheike and Co is my go to store in the Wintergarden and has been since it first opened. No matter what the occasion, work, play, race wear, polo, cocktail, red carpet or weddings, I can always find an outfit! The ready to wear designs are so easy to style with in-store accessories, including their great range of metallic belts, clutches, statement jewellery, hats and fascinators. I have been known to proudly wear Sheike, top to toe on many occasions.
The designs are also so versatile making it easy to incorporate the pieces into your work wardrobe. Sheike is one of my staples to help get the most value out of my wardrobe.

Fast Five Favourites
Favourite guilty pleasure: Noosa Chocolate Factory
Favourite holiday destination: New York City
Favourite way to pamper yourself: Having the time to hit the gym, followed by a manicure & pedicure
Favourite drink: Green Smoothie
Favourite brand: Asilio